What We Do

Our ministry touches lives through the events of various kinds that we put on.  Christine, Stephen, Grace and Christopher regularly book events that meet many different needs.  From time to time all seven Duffleys are on hand!


Conferences of all types:

Christopher will make you laugh and cry with his wit and storytelling, with or without mom and/or dad.

Past events:

Disability Summit, McLean Bible Church



Christopher has a way of moving the audience with his enthusiasm and powerful voice.  Whether it is “Lean on Me” or “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, he will charge the room with his personality and story.

Past Events:  

Autism Speaks, Metropolitan Museum of Art



Whether it is a Witness of Faith, Family Testimony, or Disability Awareness, you will find our story and Christopher’s worship enthusiasm move the congregation to believe deeper, hope stronger, heal, and revive the heart.  Grace and Christopher share their love of music.

Past Events:

World Outreach Church

Prestonwood Baptist



In need of an anthem singer?  Someone to inspire the military?  Christopher performs The Star Spangled Banner with power and emotion.  “Thank You Soldiers” and “God Bless the USA” are other songs he sings.

Past Events:  

Fenway Park  



There is a connection that happens when children hear, see and experience Christopher’s gifts and story.  From pre-school to seniors, whether public, private or a Christian school, he will inspire students to be be better citizens, more accepting of each other, more positive—adopting a “Can DO” Attitude—and more faithful believers (in faith-based schools).

Past Events:

Opelousas Catholic
2015 Visits also include Miami Florida Middle School and Autism Program


Other events such as retreats, annual meetings, disability awareness, etc… if our story touches your group, company or organization, then call us fill out this form to ask about meeting your needs.


Click here for a Recap of EVENTS in 2014!

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